Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our 2016 Summer Camp is underway. We have been very busy leading into camp this year with renovating our place in Davis to lease out so that we can move to South Dakota as full time residents. This has in turn made an exception to our typically being full, and we still have 5 spaces this year.  Cost for camp is $600/mo + one time $250 travel/lease fee.

We may be attending weekend trials beginning in late August and would love to handle your dog on the field trial circuit.  Dogs in training will travel with us and every attempt to work them on trial grounds in varying locales is made.  We also will be hunting dogs in our care as seasons open for real world, wild bird hunting experience.

We can arrange pickup/delivery of dogs via air at Bismarck, ND.

Unlike most other Summer Camps, we don't take 40-50 dogs. We limit the dogs we take to a maximum of 16 so that each is afforded truly personalized attention and maximized opportunities to work different grounds daily and an abundance of wild game.

We are breeders of Vizslas, so we have a propensity of them as training dogs as a result.  We focus on Pointing breeds only.  We have personally owned and trained Gordon Setters, German Wirehaired Pointers, German Shorthair Pointers, Vizslas, Golden Retrievers and English Pointers and have trained many Brittanies, English and Irish Setters, as well as others such as Munsterlanders, French Brittanies, etc.  With over 35 years working with gun dogs and 20+ years as an AKC Field events judge we have the facilities, means and experience to make a defining difference in your dog and Maximize your dogs Natural Abilities.

Within this blog is more information on our Camp and photo's of the area.  If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

mixed sharptail grouse and pheasant afternoon

For information on how you can give your dog the Prairie Advantage - contact us at

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  1. Can you post the dates for summer camp. How long do they stay? Is 8 mths too young?

  2. We train for Summer Camp from the first of July through September. We train in minimum of 1 month increments during this timeframe. We have several dogs come in each year for conditioning and tune up late August.
    8 months old is a great age to get time in on the prairies, they will get a ton of exposure to cover, terrain and proper intro to birds and gun.


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